Monday, October 24, 2011

On Chopstix and Chopsticks

We had a pleasant surprise in our little slice of St. Louis a few years ago. The new Buzz Westfall Plaza on the Boulevard (another Sansone property) opened where the old Northland Plaza had been, and alongside the new Schnucks, Target and the many little shops was a cute little Chinese food joint called Chopstix Asian Kitchen.

We eyed it suspiciously as we drove past for a few days on our way to the Schnucks grocery store. Then, on one of these drives, a pleasantly fragrant odor reached our noses and we had to check it out. We knew it was Chopstix, since there was nothing else in the way of restaurants in that little area, plus this was the distinct smell of Chinese food!

Once inside, we ordered some lettuce wraps, and probably the Singapore noodles. It's not a huge restaurant, but tastefully decorated, with seating for about 30.

We found the food to be fresh, hot, and delicious. And unlike most local Chinese joints, the food at Chopstix is cooked to order in an open kitchen. The staff is very friendly and courteous, as well.

More than three years later, we are still regular customers at Chopstix. In fact, I recently took over their webmaster and email marketing duties.

Of course, they do have chopsticks at Chopstix, and I do recommend using them! It takes just a moment to learn it, and maybe a little longer to really get the hang of it, but the benefit is that the metallic flavor of the fork is no longer an issue. And you can always use the fork when your hand gets tired.

Chopstix Asian Kitchen
Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-10PM, Sun 12PM-9PM