Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ziusudra album soon!

My current project is getting the tracks released that I recorded with my band Ziusudra around 2000. The challenge is that the location of the original tapes is unknown, and I am working only with some digital tracks copied from various temporary mixes from CDs and cassettes.

Ziusudra is the name for the man that was later made famous by the Book of Genesis, commonly known as Noah. There are older parallels to the Noah flood story, and the first known version, in Sumerian, called the flood hero by the name Ziusudra. I wrote a song by that name, which was a very concise version of the story, in 1993 and the guys in the band somehow agreed that this would be a good name for us.

Anyway, I hope to have these tracks out around October, 2015 or so -- a mere seventeen years after we started the recording!