Thursday, November 3, 2011

Got website?

Lately I've been spending a little too much free time on my website Earlier in the year I revamped a website for Chopstix Asian Kitchen using ASP.NET, and that energized and inspired me to get something up to market myself.

Maybe it's a bit geeky, but I really do enjoy this stuff. I'll admit, getting CSS (cascading style sheets) to work properly is a bit of a pain in the booty. However I learned a few things along the way, like how to:
  • use the master page feature of ASP.NET, which keeps your code modular and easier to maintain
  • display an rss feed from another source on a website
  • display a YouTube feed (not working :-/ ) (similar to the rss feed)
  • create a form-based guestbook with field validation
It will probably always be a work in progress; there's always room for improvement or more (and better) content. But at least I've got something there.

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